Giving value to plastic waste: We're on a mission to reintegrate low-value plastic waste into the value chain, invest in recycling infrastructure, and uplift the local recycling sector. With a research-driven, social entrepreneurial approach, our scalable solution aims to prevent plastic pollution and safeguard Nepal's environment.



>600 t

of plastic waste are produced every day in Nepal


of the 293 urban local bodies have constructed landfill sites; the rest is dumping in open areas



of municipalities do not have policies/programs for managing plastic waste

Our Impact

Decreased environmental harm:
by pioneering LVP recycling in Nepal, proposing economically viable and innovative solutions

Ensuring safe working conditions:
by setting an example, advocating, and demanding implementation of high standards and safeguards

Fighting pollution at the source:
by running awareness campaigns in schools, public institutions and local communities

Advancing the local waste industry:
by providing research-based solutions and knowledge transfers to local stakeholders

Improved waste management:
by investing in waste collection infrastructure, financing urgently needed machinery and recycling centers

Increased public awareness and informed decision-making:
by publishing multiple reports and research on current the Nepali waste sector

What Happened so Far?