United for clean water: We ensure clean, affordable water access in Nepal with community-led water filtration centres and innovative technology. We're not just purifying water with advanced technology. We foster a community-driven movement that ensures safe water reaches every doorstep in Devgaun village and beyond.




of the Nepali population face challenges in obtaining safe and clean drinking water



children under the age of five die every year from waterborne diseases in Nepal



of the population still collects water from open sources or boreholes, which are considered unsafe

Our Impact

Improving health:
by reducing waterborne diseases through raised access to safe and affordable water

Empowering communities:
by transferring knowledge and centre´s ownership to local communities

Increasing awareness:
by delivering education on the importance of clean drinking water

Strengthening the position of women:
by giving leadership positions to local women, breaking stereotypes

Creating a positive learning environment:
by supplying school children with free water every day

Fostering regional growth:
by boosting local economic growth and community independence

What Happened so Far?

Our Next Steps

  • Awareness campaigns in cooperation with the local primary school
  • Research on potential locations for another water filtration centre
  • Replication of the filtration centre in new locations

Our Vision

Happy Water is a successfully implemented pilot project. It was designed to be replicated in other locations where communities struggle to access safe and accessible drinking water. Now, let’s expand!

Water Vision Picture 01

Replication of the project

We will replicate this Social Business model in other regions of Nepal. We will choose the following project locations based on factors such as population needs and willingness for self-organisation, water quality or government long-term water infrastructure planning. Not every location is suitable!

Creating a network of communities

So far, we have learned from the community of Devgaun, and they have learned from us. But in the long run, NIDISI wants to be involved as little as necessary. While expanding in new locations, we will create a knowledge-sharing network of communities facing similar challenges. They will support one another in securing access to clean and affordable water for every Nepali.

Water Testimonial Picture 01

Samjhana Choudhary
Centre Manager

“Before the initiation of the Happy Water project, our community faced severe water quality issues. The water contained high levels of arsenic, iron, and ammonia, and the smell wasn’t so good. Skin irritation and stomach issues were very common. During summers, water scarcity was a significant problem. The Happy Water Project has granted the community the right to clean water, eliminating health issues. Everyone now has easy access to filtered water right at their doorstep. People visit hospitals less, resulting in significant cost savings. Managing this center for the past five years demonstrates to our community that women can work outside their homes. It was a big deal here. It sets an example that women can pursue meaningful roles beyond traditional boundaries.”

“In the past, drinking unfiltered water was causing various health issues for both students and staff of our school. Teaching was disturbed due to these problems. But now there have been visible improvements. Fewer students are experiencing skin and stomach problems, indicating a positive impact on the health and well-being of the school community. I personally became aware of the importance of clean drinking water and extended that knowledge to my family, friends, and the broader community. Spreading awareness has contributed to a better understanding of the significance of clean water. I believe involving school kids in awareness campaigns for the community is beneficial, and I’m happy to contribute to these efforts. Ensuring a regular water supply to the school is crucial, and the ongoing efforts of the project are commendable.”

Water Testimonial Picture 02

Ram Poudel
Principal at Janata Madhyamik Bidhyalaya school