Drop By Drop To A Fundamental Right

With our project, we contribute to a healthier and more just world. Clean drinking water is a basic right – but not a matter of course! We will challenge that drop by drop! However, transformation and mindset change only happen through education. People have to become aware of the need for change in order to do it better. That’s why the construction of our centers for clean drinking water is accompanied by educational work and knowledge transfer to run it without externals. 


Around 2.3 million Nepalese still live without access to clean drinking water- 60% of them in rural regions. The consumption of contaminated water has life-threatening health consequences.


We build energy self-sufficient, economically self-sustaining water centers regulated by the local village populations with state-of-the-art water treatment systems- supervised by an independent NGO. 



The overriding goal is to enable ALL people in Nepal long-term access to clean drinking water without being dependent on foreign organizations and donors. 

What happened so far?

  1. Construction of a water center that guarantees a safe drinking water supply for the local population around 6,000 inhabitants who  have not received long-term effective support from the state or other NGOs.
  2. Targeted transfer of skills to individual Nepalese responsible persons. These are mainly women who work independently as social entrepreneurs for the maintenance and operation of a filter system.  
  3. We make the filtered drinking water available to the village community at a fair selling pricewhile the students at the school have free access.
  4. Strengthening the local population’s awareness of the health consequences of contaminated water and creating additional added value through targeted financial support for the village community. In return, we see successful communication with local people as our key competence, which we have already expanded through stays in the country and are continuously expanding.

Our next steps

 A water center has already been successfully put into operation, and further locations are being planned! 

The choice of locations is complex. the Infrastructure and the area, the job market and the local mentality have to be carefully analyzed and evaluated. Not every location is suitable! The planning and construction of the site are time-consuming and costly. Building construction, the innovative technology and commissioning are not cheap.  

At this point we are counting on you. Be part of our “Humanity can do better” movement. Take the chance to contribute to a more just and healthier world. Work your way with us, drop by drop, to fulfill fundamental rights.



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