Empowering through education: We are providing access to quality education. But our education project in Nepal goes beyond classrooms. We grant comprehensive support to underprivileged children, fostering self-confidence and igniting creativity.




of the Nepali children that enroll in school drop out before the 8th grade.



of Nepali school children in the 3rd grade can read and understand Nepali



of the Nepali population can read and write

Our Impact

Providing access to quality education:
by covering costs related to studying in schools with a track record of delivering high-quality education

Inspiring self-development:
by offering mentorship, building self-esteem and encouraging creativity

Reducing inequalities:
by providing scholarships to children of unprivileged backgrounds

Ensuring support at home:
by engaging with families and communities to promote the value of education

What Happened so Far?

Education Testimonial Picture 01

Balika Poudel
mother of a student

“Before, it was tough to find the money needed for my child’s education. The difficulties that our family faced were due to the health issues of her father. I also had to make a tough decision to leave my work to take care of him and manage the household. Our expectations for our daughter’s education journey were clouded by our low financial status. We were worried she might have to get married early and start doing household chores. Now, we don’t have to worry about paying the school fees, which has relieved a huge burden from our shoulders. She now speaks English confidently and fluently. My expectations for my daughter’s future have changed significantly. I feel like my daughter will be a nurse, as her grades are so impressive. Thanks to the program, we don’t have to worry about one of our kids anymore. The workshops have also brought positive changes to her life, and she gets all the materials she needs for her studies.”